Currently working on

In the Android world, Jakub Chmiel currently develops 2 project management mobile applications for construction teams. He provides as much business value as possible while maintaining highest possible code quality.

On a daily basis he works for Polish software company Zaven. He believes that medium-sized company is the best place to learn all phases of software development.

Practical experience

Since the second half of 2018 he spends his time on developing project management mobile applications for construction teams. It gave him opportunity to implement and learn about offline app architecture, feature-driven development, process of uploading multiple files to Azure, and better error handling using monad pattern.

He had an opportunity to work on insurance applications used in many countries. In fact it was a great lesson of dealing with poorly written projects.

During that year he also developed modern timetable app for schools. In this project he used technology such as MVI architecture, Firestore real-time database, and Kotlin language. He starts implementation of the newest technology whenever it suits a given project and makes it better.

But it’s not about using everything that’s new. In fact he is pragmatic. He manages to develop an app that is easy to expand, in a reasonable time limit.

He planned, wire-framed, developed, tested and launched mobile applications. Despite the strive to maintain good app architecture,  he worked on poorly written projects too. That’s why he knows what causes architectural failures, how to deal with them, and how to refactor them.


In the first quarter of 2019 as a Android developer, Jakub Chmiel is focused on mastering mobile software development skills. Aside from software, he dedicates these 3 months to improving his English(C1->C2) and personal projects.