Clean Up Your Public Repository

Clean Up Your Public Repository

Few days ago I spent most of my day on refactoring old app that I still keep on my Github account. It took about 12 hours. Well, that’s a lot of time. But it was perfectly worth it because I don’t want to keep an old, abandoned, unattractive repositories there. That doesn’t represent me well.

Messy Deserter

I think that looking at my old profile, many people would consider me as some kind of… messy deserter? Huh. That’s because my public projects are unfinished and outdated. And poorly written. Recently I haven’t been working on public repositories and private ones are much better. But only I know it. By the way, I realized that sometimes we pay more attention to what wrong people think about us rather than what more important people think.¬†

It's Public

If I didn’t want it to be public I wouldn’t keep it in a private repository. I cleaned it up some time ago but the code was still pretty bad. And it crashed. What’s better, bad project or no public projects at all? Well, I don’t care.
Quality project always crushes two of them. So I started refactoring.


The thing that impressed me during refactor was how obvious everything was to me. Only 8 months passed by since I suspended this project. I immediately spot issues. As probably most of the developers, I considered rewriting it completely but that’s almost never efficient. I finished most of refactoring the same day I started. Creating it from scratch for sure would take much more time. Maybe 100 years. It doesn’t fit my budget.

So Why Not Refresh Old Project?

It’s a great momentum builder. Try it. Especially if you are demotivated or just lazy. Or you don’t have ‘perfect idea’ for new projects. Why not refactoring old repository that¬†depreciates your social media image? I think that it’s a perfect go-to.