Who needs SMART long-term goals?

SMART but only sometimes

SMART goal setting sometimes seems to be really stupid. Well, at least when misused. Conventional wisdom says that it’s the best practice for goal setting. All in all, I can understand why somebody would use it for small tasks. Or quite simple weekly/daily goals. But I completely don’t make out why would anybody set realistic long term goals. And for sure I don’t think that it’s a perfect go-to thing.

Not Timely? Does this goal even count?

When I started the development of my first Android app I didn’t have clue how I was going to accomplish my goal. And it wasn’t even that long term-ish. I only knew that I wanted to finish it as fast as humanly possible. Then I started development. I learned a lot, adjusted things 10 times and finally released it. I knew that it would take at least a few months but it wasn’t a precise time estimate. I just showed up every day trying to perform better than yesterday. There was no problem with that because I didn’t have a deadline. I just rushed. Lack of time frames is not a real issue. 

The real issue? Oh, it's not Realistic!

I think that in goal settings, there is a huge problem with playing yourself, researching too much, bad habits and lack of discipline. And even lack of passion because SMART plan is bound with robotic, realistic goal that is probably really common. So boring that you want to finish your work ASAP and go somewhere else. I think that knowing if there is a real need for something and potential cost multiplied by 10 is enough to start.

I researched it. It's Attainable

And mediocre! By the way, how in the hell do you want to know if your goal is attainable? Attainable and realistic long term goal smells super mediocre.

Who wants to be a mill…uhm…

A SMART guy?!

Well, I think that I will postpone this safe and realistic idea for now, until my mental retirement. Who would encourage 20-30 yo, just over broke guys to play it safe?

The HARD Conclusion is...

Let’s make our long term goals so not attainable and unrealistic that we are even embarrassed to talk about them! For sure we won’t accomplish them but we will probably bite off at least 75% of the main goal. We can always reverse engineer it and then continue with weekly SMART action plans.

PS: I’m worried that the next time we will hear about SOFT long term goal setting for work-life balanced part-time entrepreneurs.