About Me

About Jakub Chmiel

I’m Jakub Chmiel. In the Android world, I’m in the process of developing 2 project management mobile applications for construction teams. In these projects, I add business value fast trying to minimize technical debt.

I have a great work ethic. I believe in focusing on a few things that matter, not the many and specialize in them. And I gained a lot of momentum since mostly I work on things that I like.

My Android Specialization

I specialize in native Android business/utility apps- for Android 5.0 Lollipop and higher. My best-known language is Kotlin. I pay a lot of attention to software architecture and it’s essential in projects that have the potential to grow quite big. 

I’m up-to-date with Android news and new tools. I use it whenever it suits a given project and makes it better. But it’s not about using everything that’s new. I’m pragmatic. 

I’m experienced in developing apps that share main features but have minor differences and different branding. In fact, I know how to do it well but I also know how to do it wrong. Let me explain it.

One year ago I worked on beacon insurance applications used in a few countries. Similar apps that shared main components but had different branding. I joined this project when it was about 1 year old. It was unmaintainable. I worked on it for a few months, adding new features to a sinking ship. Then the owners ended up looking for a fool that would buy it from them. But for me, it was a great lesson of dealing with poorly written projects. That’s why I know what causes architectural failures and how to prevent them.

On a positive note, last year I also developed modern timetable app for schools as an experimental project. I used technology such as MVI architecture and Firestore real-time database. It was a tough project but a cool experience as everything had real-time updates.

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