6 Junior Android Developer mistakes to avoid in 2019

6 Junior Android Developer mistakes to avoid in 2019

Here are 6 Junior Android Developer mistakes to avoid in 2019. I cut off stock examples and mentioned only important ones

1. Not having your own app

An Android app gives a huge advantage. It shows that you can apply knowledge and it’s easy to verify. Usually both on screen and in the code if the source code exists in a public VCS repository (usually on Github). 

Even without checking your repository, people assume that you can ship features, fix bugs, use GIT. So it’s an ultimate proof of skills for Junior Android Developer. Especially when the repository has many commits with informative commit names.

This is an example of good commit guidelines.

2. Applying for a job too late

A lot of junior developers apply for a job too late. It’s a big mistake because you can’t reach full speed without a real project and help from experienced programmers

Usually, you can’t afford to learn all the time because you are not paid for it. You end up with outdated solutions from Stack Overflow. And you may waste time on learning things that are not used anymore or should have never been used.

Check out How to land Android Dev job in 2019 if you want to land a job faster. Learning by yourself is good until you can find a team. Check out Importance of mentoring in Android development

3. Working remotely

Working remotely is often bad for junior developers. Don’t go for more than 1 day a week because you can learn much more on-site. Some problems are not fixable remotely or take too much time. Nobody has time for that. 

Pair programming on-site is more efficient. Fixing problems in not committed code, helping with for example git configuration issues. It all gets done better on-site.

But there is an exception. If it takes you 1h+ to get to the office and can’t spend this time productively, then don’t waste your time. Go remote whenever you can until you move or find a new job. Working on-site is great, but not at all cost.

4. Socializing too much

Long travel is not the only time waster. During this time at least you can listen to audiobooks or read Android development news. Chatting with people at work too much is worse. 

As a programmer the more time you spend in solitude, the more work you get done. Socializing without a clear plan is a waste of time.

Most people think that slacking off when nobody sees it is OK because you are paid for it anyway. Don’t accept it. Don’t accept the same hourly rate for developing your skills and for wasting time. 

Destroying progress and confidence for an hourly rate is never worth it. Teaching yourself that you can slack off and get a chump change is like throwing some dry bread at a homeless to keep him alive.

I learned that it’s a good idea to work remotely when there is a party in the office. Or when it’s a day before state holidays and coworkers may interrupt you too much.

5. Avoiding public discussions

Socializing too much is a waste of time but public work discussions are great. If there are any issues and more than 2 people are involved, you should talk about them in public. Preferably on a public chat. The chat that contains all involved people. 

Discussing problems privately lead to wasting time on reinventing the wheel and misinformation.

6. Assuming too much

When you join a company as a Junior developer, you may go from being overconfident to feeling inferior. This feeling stops junior developers from asking questions. Instead, they assume.

But assuming in most cases is a waste of time. One answered question may save you hours.


The biggest Junior Android Developer mistakes I know are big time wasters. Stop making them to drop your ‘Junior Developer’ label faster. Also, drop your email below to get info about new weekly articles.

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